D link validating identity wireless

I am fast running out of ideas and wonder whether the laptop's wireless capabilities simply aren't up to it?

Thanks for any advice Graham Lets start with the wired connection.

: I suspect you are right, as I said it's quite an old laptop, even the updated driver is still from 2007, if I turn off encryption (I presume in the router settings) will everything go back to its original state when I turn it back on? Yeah this is strange but may have something to do wth the fact that the laptop's still running Service Pack 2, certainly the people with these error messages on the various forums were nearly all running XP and most SP2.

: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Net work Connection Indirizzo fisico.

Pasul 5 Apoi selectaţi Wireless Network Connection, daţi click dreapta pe aceasta, selectaţi şi daţi click pe View Available Wireless Networks.

Pasul 6 Daţi click pe Refresh Network list pentru a vizualiza reţelele wireles disponibile.

Anyway things are a hundred times better than they were last night.

I tried to connect to the LAN using Ethernet (again after updating the driver), although I am apparently connected I can't reach the Internet and can't see what settings might need tweaking. I am now trying to connect a friend's laptop, it is an ageing Toshiba Satellite M70-215 and from what I have been able to gather it is running Service Pack 2 and has only 512 MB RAM. First of all I tried to connect using the built-in wireless, even after updating the driver, no network is found. This will depend on how the router works but quite possibly not, you will probably have to reenter your security passcode after WPA2 is turned back on on the router. What happens if you do a PING from the command prompt, Also a PING Sitecom adaper shows a self configured address which is what I would expect as you have not been able to get it to connect to the wireless.

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