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The first traces of human habitation of the island are from the late Bronze Age, 900 to 700 BC, known as the Ewart Park Phase.A bronze axe head was discovered on the island in 1988, between the island's modern lone farmhouse and West Beach, at grid reference In June 1815, a Dr Thomas Turner visited Flat Holm in a small boat and was stranded for a week due to high winds.Because of frequent shipwrecks a lighthouse was built on the island, which was replaced by a Trinity House lighthouse in 1737.Because of its strategic position on the approaches to Bristol and Cardiff a series of gun emplacements, known as Flat Holm Battery, were built in the 1860s as part of a line of defences, known as Palmerston Forts.

It forms part of the City and County of Cardiff and is now managed by Cardiff Council's Flat Holm Project Team and designated as a Local Nature Reserve, Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Protection Area, because of the maritime grassland and rare plants such as rock sea-lavender (Limonium binervosum) and wild leek (Allium ampeloprasum).Hiya, have bought some ham to cook on sunday and want to try cooking in coke!!Want to also cook in the slow cooker, has anyone done this and how did you do? Thanks, Karen xx *** TEAM NETMUMS MESSAGE *** We've got a great recipe for gammon with slow cooker variations including coke have a look here next time try it with cherry coke, it's even better, I always cook my ham in cherry coke in the slow cooker it's amazing & i've converted so many people with it, my best friends will only cook ham this way now too How did you do it Karen?The island also has significant breeding colonies of lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus), herring gulls (Larus argentatus) and great black-backed gulls (Larus marinus).It is also home to slowworms (Anguis fragilis) with larger than usual blue markings.

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